Monday, 2 January 2012

latin names least I think their latin

Elder                                                                    Sambucus nigra
Chamomile                                                          Matricaria chamomilla
Echinacea                                                             Echinacea augustifolia
Lemon balm                                                          Melissa officinalis
Borage                                                                   Borago officinalis
Dandelion                                                             Taraxacum  officinale
Peppermint                                                            Mentha piperita
Hawthorn                                                              Crataegus oxyacantha
Pot marigold                                                          Calendula officinalis
St johns wort                                                        Hypericum  perforatum
Thyme                                                                  Thymus Vulgaris
Yarrow                                                                  Achillea Millefolium
Comfrey                                                               Symphytum officinale
Garlic                                                                    Allium  sativum  
Marshmallow                                                         Althea officinalis
Sage                                                                       Salvia officinalis
Burdock                                                                  Arctium lappa

the latin names and I added Burdock


  1. Hello Eric, great list!! Love your choices. Will be very interested in following your discoveries. :)

  2. Love your choices, Eric! This will be so much fun reading what you discover and learn about them:) Have a beautiful day xx